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Best first small car under $13k

My daughter attends university in Melbourne and lives on campus, and her photography course requires her to lug a lot of equipment around to different sites. She will also make regular visits home to Echuca, about three hours driving on suburban streets, freeways and country highways. My wife and I have agreed to go dollar for dollar with her on the purchase, so the budget is about $13,000. We want all the safety features such as multiple airbags, traction control, ESC etc., while my daughter is more concerned with things like Bluetooth, info screens etc. We have been considering small hatches such as the Toyota Yaris, Mazda 2 and Hyundai i20, but recently we came across a 2014 Honda City sedan 1.5 VTi auto in a car yard. The car has done 65,000 km and is $13,990 drive away. I would appreciate your thoughts on its suitability for our daughter.

We recently reviewed the Honda City as used car buy. To summarise the City has 5-star safety, which means it has all of the safety features you want, it also has the features your daughter wants. Best of all owners are unanimous in their praise for the car. The price is on the high side, but being a drive-away deal you save on government charges, which makes it a pretty good buy.