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Wayne Strachan ASKED THE GUIDE

Noisy and harsh City CVT

I bought a new Honda City with CVT in January and it was a big mistake. I've never before encountered the noise and harshness of this CVT, although at some times it is good. I have owned a second-hand diesel Mercedes-Benz, and a Toyota Avalon Grande, plus many more cars over 53 years of driving, starting with a 1947 Chevrolet ute, and none was as harsh as this City with CVT. I have had it back to the dealership twice, and all they do is plug it in to the computer and say "nothing showing up", and tell me they are all the same. I'll never buy a Honda product again, and I'd advise your readers to stay well clear of Honda CVT.

Don't blame Honda, as most Japanese carmakers now have constantly-variable transmissions as their solution to balancing performance with fuel economy and emissions. Yours sounds particularly bad, but they're not good — in my experience — in most conditions and are subject to all sorts of vagaries in city running and hilly conditions.