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What does mum want?

For the multiple roles in every mum’s life, maybe an interchangeable boot would suit best.

What mum wants is a magic car. A car that will do everything that mums need to do. And that means some features that car designers haven’t really tackled yet.How about a cone of silence built into the driver’s seat so she could set up a buffer zone from arguing kids?

Perhaps automatic pilot, so between work, picking up kids from school, preparing for that 5pm meeting and getting dinner together, she could take a five minute snooze?

For the young mother, perhaps a nappy change station in back. And the mum with teenagers would applaud a passenger ejector seat – for the next time her ‘too cool for school’ teen begs to be dropped off around the corner to spare them the, ‘embarrassment,’ mum can fulfil the demand at the touch of a launch button.

For the multiple roles in every mum’s life, maybe an interchangeable boot would suit best.  Your standard Mum Boot would carry all the essentials for carting kids about. With kids dropped at their respective destinations, mum can swap out for the Sports Boot, for those rare moments when she gets enough time to hit the gym, take the bike on the trails or splash in the surf.

For those almost mythical free evenings, the Glamour Boot is perfect for a night on the town, complete with a cleaning service that will remove all traces of kids (i.e. scattered cheerios, toys, and wrappers) before mum leaves to pick up her friends.

Or maybe the Dream On Boot. A wonderful, magic boot that takes care of all the chores, organising, cooking, cleaning -- and allows mum to do what her family thinks she does all day, sit around watching TV and eating those chocolates.