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Articles by Allison Garoza

Allison Garoza

Friday we drove into the city to meet friends. Saturday we drove to the...Read more
Packing the Forester for a weekend away, we brought rope to attach...Read more
With an attractive design and plenty of perks, Kia ’s Optima Platinum...Read more
Kia has pumped up the bass and swaggered onto the back streets. The Soul...Read more
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You have to drive one kid to soccer, another to dance lessons and a third...Read more
“That’s a Skoda ?” Yes, it’s true, we heard that question. It wasn’t...Read more
The furniture shop assistant was doubtful we could take a large cabinet...Read more
Stunning . . . one word says it all. Not advised for the introvert, the...Read more
At an isolated country pub, we felt right at home parking beside heavy...Read more
Mud drips from the roof of our Freelander. A passerby points it out to his...Read more
My friends had spent barely minutes inspecting the massive Hyundai iMax...Read more
A wallaby jumps in front of us on a dirt road, but the Santa Fe Trail...Read more

What mum wants is a magic car. A car that will do everything that mums...Read more

Having been cramped into several test car third rows, we approached the...Read more
A muscular man in a low-rider looked our car up and down, gave a quick nod...Read more

No longer do passengers sweetly inquire, “What radio station would...Read more

You inhale that beautiful scent and drive off the lot with eyes of...Read more