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Volvo C30
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Volvo C30 Pricing and Specs

2013 price from

The Volvo C30 is available from $11,300 to $21,890 for the 2013 Hatchback across a range of models.

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Year Price From Price To
2013 $11,300 $21,890
2012 $9,100 $18,810
2011 $7,300 $15,840
2010 $6,400 $12,980
2009 $5,300 $11,000
2008 $4,000 $9,350
2007 $3,600 $8,140

Volvo C30 FAQs

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  • Blue oval volvo query

    FORD has owned Volvo for more than five years. If you hadn't noticed, then I guess you won't be expecting any dramas. The C30 is a nice little car with unique styling, good quality and excellent Volvo back-up.

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  • Stylish car for $15k?

    With your budget you would be looking at a 2010/2011 VW Beetle, which had a regular automatic transmission and not the troublesome DSG that was fitted in later models. That’s a big tick for the Beetle. The Citroen C3 is a decent car, but an orphan in the sense that there weren’t many sold and you won’t find a dealer on every corner. As for the BMW, they’re too expensive to service and repair if you use a dealer, and they have too many niggling issues that spoil the great driving experience. The Subaru Impreza is well worth looking at, but my pick of that bunch would be the Volvo C30.

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  • Volvo can not receive the AM band

    I'd take the deal and get on with my life. The company has shown good faith in offering to replace the radio at a much reduced price and the car is three years old and out of warranty.

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