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8 April 2019

Joe Rogan's brand new 1993 Land Cruiser packs 433kW

By Iain KellyIain Kelly

California's ICON 4x4 specialises in building brand new classic off-road Ford Broncos and Toyota LandCruisers with epic custom touches.

Now, the man behind ICON, Jonathan Ward, has launched a new arm called TLC 4x4 which does the same thing but with newer fourbies, and the first one is going to Joe Rogan.

The king of the podcast will score a totally recreated 1993 FZJ80-series LandCruiser packing bespoke trim, heavy duty Aussie ARB locking diffs, and a 433kW (580hp) supercharged 6.2-litre GM LSA V8 under the bonnet. 

Jon walks us through this new-age off-road bruiser, and he can even build one to your exacting specs. The price? If you have to ask...

Is this the toughest LandCruiser ever? Let us know in the comments.