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Dodge Challenger

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Dodge Challenger Australia

The Dodge Challenger was Chrysler's response to the Ford Mustang. Though never sold in Australia due to being left-hand drive-only ex-factory, many have made their way here via low-volume importers and converted later on.

The 1969 to 1974 original shared much with the Chrysler Valiant-based Plymouth Barracuda, with famous 'Slant Sixes' or V8s bringing US muscle-car performance.

However, the Mitsubishi Scorpion-based 1978-83 Mk2 (sold in Australia), were smaller, four-cylinder Toyota Celica rivals. In 2008, the Challenger returned to its Pony Car roots, riding on the Mercedes-derived Chrysler 300C platform, once again bringing V6 or V8 choices.

The cheapest grade starts from , rising to for the most expensive version.