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Renault Kangoo 2012 review

There's probably a psychosis associated with being a van driver. It could well be their working environment. Let’s face it, how would you like sitting in a small moving box for up to 12 hours a day.  Not nice.


But new vans out of Europe are making "vannies" lives a bit better with more multi-media connectivity, Bluetooth phones and even.... air conditioning and decent audio. They are becoming more like passenger cars in terms of features, drive feel, ergonomics and (little) luxuries.


Renault's new Kangoo van - a real cutie to look at, benefits from obvious input by those in the know - the drivers. Renault must have lined up a platoon of drivers and pumped them for information about what they need in a vehicle.

The result is Kangoo. It's a vannies delight that can make them some money, not cost them much money and keep them happy and safe. Gotta like that.


Kangoo diesel manual, the one we are driving, is powered by a 1.5-litre, single cam turbo diesel four cylinder. It's good for a handy 63kW but more important, 200Nm from a low 1700rpm.

What this means is strong acceleration pretty much from a standstill and strong mid range response for highway driving. The amount of kick from this engine surprises especially once you are on the move.


No cringe factor at all. This of course translates easy load handling as the engine makes light work of lugging Kangoo's 800 kg payload.

We haven’t been able to test it but have had half a tonne in there and it makes light of the load. It is ticking over the claimed 5.2-litres/100km fuel consumption with mixed driving meaning fill ups up around the 800-900km mark.

Access to the load space is facilitated through the 180 degree rear barn doors and left side slider. Access to the passenger compartment is by two large doors that open right down to the bottom of the floor.


It's comfortable for longish drives and the driving position is adjustable to suit. Renault has positioned some controls/switches in hard to find positions - to keep you on your toes. There's plenty of storage inside including an overhead shelf that will take up to about 50kg.

All it needs is an auto transmission for city couriers - but that's only available with the petrol four...

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