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Renault Kangoo
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Renault Kangoo Pricing and Specs

2022 price from

The Renault Kangoo is available from $26,290 to $50,290 for the 2022 Commercial across a range of models.

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Year Price From Price To
2022 $26,290 $50,290
2021 $16,700 $44,440
2020 $15,000 $50,050
2019 $15,000 $46,640
2018 $13,100 $42,680
2017 $11,200 $37,180
2016 $8,400 $19,800
2015 $7,700 $17,270
2014 $6,800 $15,840
2013 $6,200 $12,320
2012 $7,200 $11,220
2011 $6,700 $10,450
2010 $3,600 $9,130
2009 $3,100 $6,050
2008 $2,800 $5,610
2007 $2,800 $5,280
2006 $2,600 $4,950
2005 $2,400 $4,730
2004 $2,300 $4,400

Renault Kangoo FAQs

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  • Van for my scooter

    THE best vehicle I have seen is based on a Renault Kangoo van built by Fleetworks Mobility. Its conversion allows a wheelchair to roll up a ramp into the rear section, and I'm sure it would accept your scooter. Ph: 9569 3166 or visit

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  • Fuel efficiency in Kangoo van?

    There are things that could cause abnormally high fuel consumption, like a faulty oxygen sensor, faulty ECU, blocked exhaust, but the dealer mechanics found no such problems when they checked your car. The fuel consumption figures quoted by carmakers is the result from a laboratory test under controlled conditions, it's meant to provide a means of comparing makes and models, rather than give you a real life figure that you could expect to get from your car. That said, the difference between the test result and your car's consumption is too much. I would sit down with the dealer and have them explain the reasons for the difference.

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  • Stamp duties for modified Kangoo

    They're usually calculated on the price of the car as purchased, so if you bought it having been converted then that is the price that would be used. If you bought it and had it registered before it was converted then you would pay the stamp duties on the price before conversion.

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