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BMW 3 Series 335i Sport 2012 Review

The BMW 335i is crammed with goodies expected of this breed of buyer.

In one week we went straight from the entry level 3-Series model to the top of the line - from the 320d to the 335i Sport. The contrast was big but the elements for which BMW is famous shine through - sporty drive feel, high tech engines, quality fit and finish, arresting style. 

But the 335i Sport we had was something special, almost the M3 you'd have when you're not having an M3... or can't afford one. The 335i Sport isn't a V8 like the current M3 having much more in common with earlier six pot versions - potent six pots at that.


Only this time, there's a twin-scroll turbo bolted to the exhaust to stir things up without giving the car a drinking problem. Infact, the petrol powered 335i Sport is a smidge away from qualifying for the Luxury Car Tax reduction, missing the 7.0-litres/100km cut off point by recording a depressingly close 7.2-litres. It would make a difference of a few thousand dollars to the price.


Never mind, for the asking price of just under $100 grand, the 335i Sport delivers driver engagement in spades along with sporty dynmics and almost rude performance, rated at an impressive 5.5-seconds for the 0-100kmh sprint. And don't forget, this is an automatic executive sedan, albeit, with an eight speed auto driving the rear wheels.

Is it too many cogs? No, you can barely feel or hear the changes up or down the scale and the paddle shift system is linked into the car's drive-mode select system giving a range of operation choices right through to full sport with throttle blip on the down change.


The car gets an electronic diff lock for better traction and a sports suspension set-up, in this case with optional adaptive suspension. Needless to say it was a sharp piece of kit.


That 3.0-litre turbo engine, with variable valve timing and lift is good for 225kW/400Nm output, the latter at barely above idle. It translates into super strong acceleration and quick response across the entire engine rev range. Even sounds pretty hot - a mad six cylinder wail not unlike those earlier M3s.


But this car is tailored for executive suits who want luxury with their sporty sedan car and to that end, the 335i is crammed with goodies expected of this breed of buyer. Leather, voice control, high end satnav, bi-xenons, on board computer, premium Harman Kardon audio, full connectivity, dual zone climate, cruise with auto brake,electric seat adjustment. 

In line with BMW's green aspirations, the 335i also gains auto stop/start to save fuel in traffic, regenerative brake energy , eco pro systems optimisation to deliver the best economy and stuff like electric power steering.


It's an easy car to like, the right size with heaps of go and the kit to make you feel like a million bucks.

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