If you really must have a hard roof, with the attendant increase in weight (and lifting of the centre of gravity), then you'll be very happy with the RF, as it's a solid feeling lid that opens and shuts with minimal fuss (although you have to be doing less than 10km/h - ie basically stopped - to use it). 

Remarkably, at this entry level, the price comes in under $40K, just at $39,400. And you do get the properly fizzing new version of the 2.0-litre engine (RF is not available with the 1.5), making 135kW/205Nm, pushed to the rear wheels through either a fantastic six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed auto that's nowhere near as much fun.

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Standard kit for the base car includes a new reversing camera, 16-inch alloy wheels, now black metallic for extra visual menace,  LED headlamps, power mirrors, rain-sensing wipers, climate-control air, black cloth seats, a 7-inch touch screen with 'MZD Connect', an audio system with six speakers and DAB+ (but no CD player), Bluetooth streaming, internet radio integration, satellite navigation, 'Smart City Brake Support', or AEB, 'Traffic Sign Recognition',  and blind-spot monitoring.

The new car also gets a telescopically adjustable steering wheel, which makes the perfect driving position even more perfect.