Lamborghini is famous for making glamorous supercars whose pilots seem so carefree they don’t appear to need a boot, or back seats, or even families.

They don’t even seem to mind them being so low they have to get in and out on all fours – well that’s how I need to do it, anyway.

Yup, Lamborghini is famous for these exotic race cars for the road… not SUVs.

But it will be, I know it. 

I know, because the new Lamborghini Urus came to stay with my family and we torture tested it, not on the track or off-road, but in the 'burbs doing the shopping, the school drop-offs, braving multi-storey car parks and the potholed roads daily.

While I never like to give the game away this early in a review, I need to say the Urus is astounding. This is truly a super SUV that is every bit as Lamborghini as I hoped, but with a big difference – you can live with it.

Here’s why.