You’ve got to give the folks at Citroen credit for naming one of their cars the Picasso. Just not the reasons you might think.

Sure, at a glance it seems like the height of cockiness to name your people-mover after one of art’s true masters. But then you take a closer look at Picasso's work; all famously weird, disproportionate and kind of jumbled up.
All of which works just fine in a painting, but is unlikely to be exactly what a car’s designers are striving for.

Regardless, the seven-seat Citroen Grand C4 Picasso has been kicking about Australia’s new-car market for a number of years now, only without ever making much in the way of a splash on the sales charts. But the big Citroen was updated last year, with the French carmaker tweaking the design and cabin technology in an attempt to lure more customers into its flagging model.

So should the updated Grand C4 Picasso be on your shopping list?