In what’s become a tradition of Skoda giving its cars silly names, the seven-seat mid-sized Kodiaq is named after a bear, sort of because they had to be different and swap the ‘k’ for a ‘q’. That, in a nutshell, is what Skoda is all about – it’s unique selling point, as marketing types call it, is that it’s the same, but different. The same as the Volkswagen it’s related to, but different.

Now, if you were in the UK you’d be able to choose from 31 variants of the Kodiaq. There’s two different engines, three grades in the line-up, manual or auto, five or seven seats, all-wheel drive or two. The bad news for us in Australia is there’s only one variant (for now). The good news is it’s the top-of-the-range variant the 132TSI 4X4 petrol with the DSG and seven seats. If it were a hamburger it would it would have pineapple, bacon and an egg on it – yup it’s the Kodiaq with the lot.

We tested the Kodiaq 132 TSI 4x4 by throwing it my family and then at my 100km test loop on a dark and wet night. Could this be the best seven-seat mid-sized SUV for less than $45K?