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The death of range anxiety? Tesla Models S, X updated to deliver the "longest range ever"

Tesla's Models S and X have been updated, with the Silicon Valley-based EV brand overhauling its drivetrain design to produce what it claims is the "longest range" offered in the battery-electric car space.

Tesla says the changes, applicable to cars fitted with a 100kWh battery pack, increases the driving range to 660kms (up from 632kms) for the Model S Long Range, and 575kms (up from 565kms) for the Model X Long Range. Both those numbers are based on the NEDC cycle.

"Today, we’re making changes to Model S and Model X that allow them to travel unprecedented distances without needing to recharge, beating our own record for the longest-range production EVs on the road," Tesla says. "And we’ve accomplished this without increasing the cars’ battery size, proving that our expertise in system-level design can make our cars dramatically more efficient."

It's not just the range expectations that have received a tinkering either, with Tesla updating the adaptive air suspension on both models, and as part of what the brand calls a "thank you" to existing owners, anyone who currently drives an X or S, and upgrades to a new model, will get the brand's infamous Ludicrous Mode as a free upgrade.

Both the S and X get Tesla's newest drive unit tech, which through complicated combination of its updated permanent magnet motor, and better cooling and lubrication, boosts avaiable range. The batteries themselves don't change, but the way they're used (and cooled) is what has squeezed out the extra distance.

This update also includes new charging capability, with both the X and S now ready for 200kW charging, which Tesla says will cut recharge times (on applicable chargers) by as much as 50 per cent.

Has Tesla eliminated range anxiety? Tell us in the comments below.