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Tesla's ute to cost less than $70k: Electric HiLux rival will be "tougher than a Ford F-150, faster than a Porsche 911"

This teaser is the closest look we have so far of Tesla's new pick-up truck.

Tesla's incoming pickup, or ute, will cost less than US$50k, and will be both tougher than a Ford F-150 and faster than a Porsche 911.

They're the kind of bold claim that could have only come from one source; Tesla boss and Twitter enthusiast Elon Musk.

But the promises this time come not from social media, but from US podcast Ride The Lightning, on which Musk promised his new pick-up would also undercut key EV rival Rivian.

"It just can't be unaffordable," Musk said. “We don’t want it to be really expensive. I think it’s got to start at less than US$50,000, it’s got to be like $49,000 starting price, maximum, ideally less.

"It’s got to be something that’s affordable. There will be versions of the truck that are more expensive, but you’ve got to be able to get a really great truck for $49,000, or less.”

With the promise the Tesla pick-up would wear a price tag of around US$49,990, it would undercut Rivian truck by around US$20k, with the R1T to arrive wearing a US$69,000 sticker.

Now it must be said, those numbers have no immediate bearing on Australian prices, with a straight conversion from US dollars rarely accurate. But consider this; the cheapest Model 3 sells for US$39,900, which converts to around $57,200 in AUD.

By the time that same 3 sells in Australia, it will set you back $66,000, which means you can expect Tesla ute to be pushing toward - or into - $80k territory in Australian dollars.

But if Musk really can unlock the combination of ruggedness and performance he's promising, that might look like something of a bargain.

"This will be a better truck than an F-150 in terms of truck-like functionality," he says. "And be a better sports car than a standard 911.

"That's the aspiration."

And considering a base 911 will set you back some $258,000, and clip 100km/h in around 4.7 seconds, that's quite the aspiration.

Can Tesla shake-up the ute market? Or will its electric pick-up fizzle?