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Super Subaru detailed! Top secret rally-spec AWD screamer to sit under WRX STI next year - reports

Super Subaru detailed! (Image credit: Best Car Web)

Subaru's tie-up with Toyota will soon produce more than just a BRZ and 86, with the Japanese brand cooking up a rally-spec screamer that will sit below the WRX STI, and that will launch in September 2022, according to new Japanese reports.

Japanese media is reporting that Subaru's "Super AWD" will be a similar size to the Impreza hatch, and will be equipped with AWD, though a different system to the one used in Toyota's GR Yaris.

It is also expected to be fitted with a turbocharged 2.4-litre boxer engine, which, in WRX and STI guise, will produce anywhere from 170kW to 215kW. Initially, though, rumours had pointed to the super Subaru being a new take on the GR Yaris, and sharing that model's drivetrain.

The model is expected to be yet another partnership between the two Japanese manufacturers, though other details remain thin on the ground for now. That said, all will be revealed soon enough, with Japanese reports pointing to a September 2022 reveal for the new super Subaru.

As reported in CarsGuide last year, the "Super AWD" program that spawned the Yaris was always expected to produce a similar Subaru-badged car. The top-secret project was expected to produce a "comfortable AWD machine with a horizontally opposed engine installed vertically".

When Toyota increased its stake in Subaru, taking its ownership stake to above 20 per cent, the Japanese giant had hinted more co-developed AWD models were to come.

“We will bring together the strengths of both companies and jointly develop the most comfortable AWD model,” a press release said.