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New WRX STI targets world's most powerful four-cylinder engine! Subaru's 295kW monster just 12 months away

Subaru has AMG in its sights. (Image credit: Kleber Silva)

Subaru reportedly has AMG in its sights, with reports out of Japan suggesting the new WRX STI's 295kW has been designed with Merc's A45 in mind.

We know that Subaru's new performance hero is coming soon, with Japanese media pointing to a March 2022 launch/reveal date for the WRX STI, at least in Japan.

While the brand has so far kept quiet on just what will be powering it, it has, in a recent press release, promised it is “is certain to push the performance and technological boundaries still further” than the car it replaces.

Reports to date point to the model being fitted with the same 2.4-litre engine its WRX little brother - as well as riding on a tweaked version of the same platform - only with the grunt upped to a staggering 295kW.

The target, according to Japanese reports, is the most powerful series production four-cylinder engine available - the Mercedes-AMG A45 S's ballistic 2.0-litre turbo that cranks out a mammoth 310kW and 500Nm - enough for a supercar-worrying sprint to 100km/h of just 3.9secs.

And its this title that Subaru was reportedly aiming at, and while it doesn't sound like it will quite conquer it, a circa-300kW output is nothing to be sneezed at.

What's more, the STI is expected to be offered exclusively with a manual gearbox - something that AMG A45 can't claim.