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Size matters: TWO new Hyundai utes coming, but neither will be the same size as a Toyota HiLux or Ford Ranger - reports

New Hyundai trademarks point to a twin-pronged ute attack in Australia. (Image: Thanos Pappas)

Hyundai appears set to double-down on its ute ambitions in Australia, with the Korean brand reportedly readying to launch not one, but two, new utes in our market. But neither will be going head-to-head with the Toyota HiLux or Ford Ranger, according to new reports.

International reports now point to Hyundai leaving the mid-size dual-cab segment to its Korean sibling, with the Kia ute to fly solo in tackling Australia's commercial heavyweights.

Instead, Hyundai will reportedly aim one size up and one size down, essentially straddling the medium pick-up segment by readying electric utes to take on vehicles like the Ford Maverick and the Toyota Tundra.

The latest news is supported by a pair of trademark applications lodged with Australia's patent office, with Hyundai seeking to secure the names IONIQ T7 and IONIQ T10 in Australia.

The 'T' prefix is expected to apply to the brand's utes, while 'IONIQ' confirms the brand's plans to differ from Kia in offering their vehicles as EV-only propositions, as opposed to traditional diesel dual-cabs.

Finally, the '7' and '10' are expected to apply to two different utes, and sizes, with reports now pointing to Hyundai offering a vehicle that could compete with the Ford F-150 Lightning and Ram 1500 REV, as well as a smaller ute offering that could even sit below the mid-size ute category dominated by the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger.

Meanwhile the T7 would be around the same size as the Hyundai Santa Cruz or Ford Maverick.

International reports now point to the T10 being readied as more like a full-size pick-up — think American jumbo trucks like the Toyota Tundra, Ram 1500 and Ford F-150, the latter two of which have already had all-electric versions confirmed. Meanwhile the T7 would be around the same size as the Hyundai Santa Cruz or Ford Maverick.

We know that Hyundai's Integrated Modular Architecture (IMA) is scaleable, and designed to underpin EVs of all shapes and sizes, from smaller cars to large SUVs, as well as pick-up trucks.

"In the second-generation platform, the scope of vehicle development extends beyond the mid-sized SUVs covered by the current E-GMP system. It encompasses nearly all vehicle classes, ranging from small and large SUVs to pickup trucks, along with the flagship models of the Genesis brand," the brand said when unveiling the IMA platform.

As far as Australia goes, Hyundai here is keeping tight-lipped, but we think the clock is ticking on its plans finally being revealed, with a 2026 launch a possibility – which would could mean concept vehicles could appear as soon as this year.

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