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See-Through System turns vehicles 'invisible'

The STS system projects an image of the road ahead of the truck being overtaken onto your own windscreen.

You can't see around corners, but you could be able to see through the traffic in front of you in the future. We've all experienced being stuck behind a truck on the highway, not able to see around them to check if it's safe to overtake -- wishing vehicles could be made as invisible as James Bond's Aston Martin Vanquish in Die Another Day.

Researchers at a Portuguese university have the answer -- a system that projects an image of the road ahead of that truck onto your own windscreen. Called the STS (for See-Through System), it uses a set of cameras and vehicle-to-vehicle communication to display the image as a 'virtual windscreen'.

The team from the University of Porto says STS uses low-latency video streaming and dedicated short-range communication to transmit the imagery swiftly, allowing the driver to see 'through' the vehicle blocking their line of vision.

It depends on the vehicle in front of you having the system's cameras installed, which then wirelessly sends the footage in near real-time to a transparent monitor fitted on your own windscreen.

However, an increasing push is being made into vehicle-to-vehicle communication and the extra safety it offers -- with carmakers testing systems that warn following traffic of accidents and other problems. So invisible cars may not remain the stuff of 007 daydreams.

Watch the See-Through System video here.

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