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New Ford Ranger 2020 pricing and specs detailed: Toyota HiLux rival now costs more to buy

The Ranger just got more expensive – again.

Ford Australia has increased the pricing of its top-selling Ranger ute for the third time in six months.

With the exception of the flagship automatic 4x4 Raptor dual-cab pick-up that’s up $700, to $77,190 plus on-road costs, all Ranger variants are now $400 dearer.

As such, the unchanged ute line-up now kicks off at $29,190 for the manual 4x2 XL single-cab chassis Low Rider (see full pricing table below).

No adjustments have been made to the Toyota HiLux rival’s standard specification, with a Ford Australia spokesperson telling CarsGuide “the price changes are effectively seasonal, … influenced by factors including exchange rates and so on”.

Three diesel engines are on offer, including a 118kW/385Nm 2.2-litre single-turbo four-cylinder, a 147kW/470Nm 3.2-litre single-turbo five-cylinder and a 157kW/500Nm 2.0-litre twin-turbo four-cylinder.

The latter is exclusively paired with a 10-speed torque-converter automatic transmission, while the former two can be matched to either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic, depending on the variant.

4x2 and 4x4 drivetrains are available alongside five full-time grades (XL, XLS, XLT, Wildtrak and Raptor) and various body-style configurations, including single-, extra- or dual-cab, and chassis or pick-up.

Three special-edition grades are also currently on sale: the XLS-based Sport, XLT-based FX4 and Wildtrak-based Wildtrak X.

2020 Ford Ranger pricing before on-road costs

4x2 XL single-cab chassis Low Rider 2.2-litremanual$29,190 (+$400)
4x2 XL single-cab chassis Hi-Rider 2.2-litreautomatic$34,890 (+$400)
4x2 XL extra-cab chassis Hi-Rider 2.2-litreautomatic$37,190 (+$400)
4x2 XL dual-cab chassis Hi-Rider 2.2-litreautomatic$39,390 (+$400)
4x2 XL dual-cab pick-up Hi-Rider 2.2-litreautomatic$40,790 (+$700)
4x2 XLT dual-cab pick-up Hi-Rider 3.2-litreautomatic$51,540 (+$400)
4x2 XLT dual-cab pick-up Hi-Rider 2.0-litreautomatic$53,040 (+$400)
4x4 XL single-cab chassis 3.2-litremanual$43,090 (+$400)
4x4 XL single-cab chassis 3.2-litreautomatic$45,290 (+$400)
4x4 XL extra-cab chassis 3.2-litremanual$45,590 (+$400)
4x4 XL extra-cab chassis 3.2-litreautomatic$47,790 (+$400)
4x4 XL dual-cab chassis 2.2-litremanual$47,290 (+$400)
4x4 XL dual-cab chassis 3.2-litremanual$47,590 (+$400)
4x4 XL dual-cab chassis 3.2-litreautomatic$49,790 (+$400)
4x4 XL extra-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$49,190 (+$400)
4x4 XL dual-cab pick-up 2.2-litreautomatic$48,690 (+$400)
4x4 XL dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litremanual$48,990 (+$400)
4x4 XL dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$51,190 (+$400)
4x4 XLS dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litremanual$50,290 (+$400)
4x4 XLS dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$52,490 (+$400)
4x4 Sport dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litremanual$53,340 (+$400)
4x4 Sport dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$55,540 (+$400)
4x4 XLT extra-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$57,440 (+$400)
4x4 XLT extra-cab pick-up 2.0-litreautomatic$58,940 (+$400)
4x4 XLT dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litremanual$57,240 (+$400)
4x4 XLT dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$59,440 (+$400)
4x4 XLT dual-cab pick-up 2.0-litreautomatic$60,940 (+$400)
4x4 FX4 dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litremanual$59,540 (+$400)
4x4 FX4 dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$61,740 (+$400)
4x4 FX4 dual-cab pick-up 2.0-litreautomatic$63,240 (+$400)
4x4 Wildtrak dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litremanual$62,090 (+$400)
4x4 Wildtrak dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$64,290 (+$400)
4x4 Wildtrak dual-cab pick-up 2.0-litreautomatic$65,790 (+$400)
4x4 Wildtrak X dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$66,090 (+$400)
4x4 Wildtrak X dual-cab pick-up 2.0-litreautomatic$67,590 (+$400)
4x4 Raptor dual-cab pick-up 2.0-litreautomatic$77,190 (+$700)