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Jeep announces FCA car swap plan for 2019

The program will allow buyers of the Wrangler or Trackhawk cars to swap their vehicles free of charge.

A Jeep subscription service could be launched in Australia as soon as 2020, with the brand planning an expansion to its 'Wave Freedom' program that would allow customers to borrow other cars from within the FCA portfolio at will.

It would mean Jeep owners could borrow an Alfa Romeo, Fiat or Chrysler for the weekend, with the number of swaps - and the types of vehicles available - built on a tier-based subscription model. 

It's a different approach to the subscription concept adopted by other manufacturers, most notably Volvo, which bundles an entire ownership package - including servicing and insurance - into a monthly fee. The FCA plan allows access to its broader fleet of vehicles after you purchase a car in the traditional way. 

Initially, the program - which will launch as a pilot in the USA in 2019 - will allow buyers of the Wrangler or Trackhawk, Trailhawk or the incoming Deserthawk cars to swap their vehicles free of charge.

supplied documents point to a potential APAC launch in 2020.

Jeep boss Mike Manley presented the plan as he outlined his five-year vision for the brand at FCA's investor day at the company's Balocco Proving Ground in Italy.

"Freedom consists of additional mobility solutions, the first will provide owners of Wranglers and Hawks access to borrow select models from the FCA portfolio, free of charge for a period to time," Manley says.

"So imagine you own a Trackhawk and you need to go and pick up a load of sand. Now under this program, you cold borrow a Dodge Ram for the weekend. Each Wrangler and Hawk will come with a set number of free borrowing opportunities, which our customers will be able to extend with a further subscription if they so choose.

"This addition to the Wave program will be piloted later this year, and if successful, will roll out across the US and into our other regions."

Manley also pointed to a second program, expected to pilot in the USA in 2019, which would allow customers to subscribe to the entire FCA fleet, gaining access to all vehicles regardless of whether they already own a vehicle

"It gives customers access to any FCA portfolio vehicle, from say Wrangler to Giulia, for example, and then the ability to swap that vehicle for another FCA brand and model," he says.

"Now the frequency of swaps and the availability of brands and models will depend on the level of subscription they choose. This program is currently under development and will launch early 2019."

While FCA in Australia is yet to comment on the investor day briefing, supplied documents point to a potential APAC launch in 2020.

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