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Drivers who like to calibrate their car will love the EV-STERS dial up systems for engine performance.

In some people’s eyes, Honda may have already lost its sporty car manufacturer mantle but that could change with the appearance of a cracking little roadster at the Paris motor show this week.

Called EV-STER - dumb name, it’s an all-electric effort shying away from Honda’s strength as a petrol engine specialist. Honda describes the EV-STER as a next-generation electric small sports concept model.

It is nothing like the underwhelming CR-Z, the screaming S2000 or even the NSX. EV-STER is new and exciting - elements missing from Honda’s line up for years. It features extensive use of carbon fibre to cut weight and a lightweight 10kWh lithium ion battery rechargeable in as little as three hours.

The styling is dramatic, dynamic and innovative cloaking a car with excellent environmental credentials and if it makes it into production, presumably finely-honed performance and handling. As a true convertible sports car should, two seater EV-STER drives the rear wheels... via an electric motor which Honda says propels EV-STER from 0-100kmh in 5.0 seconds.

Because it’s so light (no figure available), the car has a range of up to 160km on one charge. One of its stand out features is an “easy-to-operate” twin-lever steering system that was adopted “in the pursuit of the joy of driving.” We wonder how it works and how it actually feels. Looks incredible though.

Drivers who like to calibrate their car will love the EV-STERS dial up systems for engine performance, steering, suspension and other dynamics. The instrument panel of the EV-STER features a vehicle information display which provides the driver with an interface that accesses a network display used for the audio and navigation systems and also for using the internet. Hopefully this car or something like it will become a reality sooner rather than later.