Guide to after-market reversing cameras

13 March 2012
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Guide to after-market reversing cameras
The website also offers a more conventional reversing camera with an integrated 3.5in screen.....

Although the reversing camera is fast-becoming standard fare on upper-echelon models on sale in Australia, it doesn't mean you have to part with your pride and joy to make it safer.

As little as $250 can buy the peace of mind of having a reversing camera backed by rear parking sensors. Electronics retailer Jaycar has a number of options to improve the safety of your car when backing out the driveway.

Sensors alone can be a cost-effective start - $99 buys a wireless four-sensor system from Jaycar, which has a 30m range (for use on longer vehicles) with a screen to display distances to objects.

Strike have two options for reversing sensors - the S1-4 Eco Parking Sensor for $88 that has flush-fitted sensors activated when reverse gear is selected and sounds a beep when nearing obstacles.

There's also the L20-4 LED reversing system that also has sensors active once the car is in reverse, as well as a visual LED warning system that displays the distance between the sensors and the object as well as beeps - it is $95.90 from

Some drivers will prefer the rearvision mirror with integrated camera screen that is appearing as standard in several new cars and SUVs.

imageJaycar (Pic: to left) offers a wireless reversing camera that feeds into a screen within a replacement mirror, which sits over the top of the car's existing rearvision and is powered from a 12-volt outlet. For $249 the Jaycar electronics brand has a camera and sensors pack that includes a 3in monitor and four sensors, with parking assistance lines on the screen and warning beeps (or an optional voice warning) from the sensors. 

Or for the same outlay there's a reversing camera with a larger LCD screen - 5in - that sits on a suction swivel-mount bracket; the screen has a distance graphic and uses a mini USB 2.0 port.


Strike has a reversing camera package - the buttlerfly camera and "clear" digital monitor bundle for $268. The Strike package has a 7in digital monitor displays the images from the "butterfly" reversing camera that fits into the bumper without the need to drill holes. 

Supercheap Autos offers (Pic: to left)  a reverse sensor kit with the added bonus of a digital speed alert  for $79.  

The system has four reversing sensors with a distance-to-object display and when not in use for reversing it displays the vehicle speed and has an over-speed warning as well.


Website Alpha Line Auto (Pic: to left) has an all-in-one "Command Centre" replacement rearvision mirror  that has a second screen that displays vision from the reversing camera, as well as a built-in GPS satnav, a hands-free Bluetooth phone link and MP3 player. $1475 supplied and fitted. 

The website also offers a more conventional reversing camera with an integrated 3.5in screen, which costs $550 freighted and fitted.