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Drag race debate

A competition offers the chance to win either of the cars.

Following the epic guitar v drums face-off, another drag race has been mounted to settle an equally important question. Which is the better cult movie genre – martial arts or sci-fi?

To produce the definitive answer, dairy brand Ice Break customised two classic Aussie muscle cars for the track.

In the nunchuck-swinging martial arts corner there was a 1972 V8 LJ Torana 308 V8 auto, while the sci-fi champion was a 1975 Falcon XB Coupe 351 V8 four-speed manual.

Facebook fans weighed into the key custom decisions, with more than 1000 requests for modifications on the cars and over 4000 comments on which car would eventually kick the requisite amount of ass to win on the quarter mile at Sydney’s Eastern Creek Dragway.

“The Kung Fu Torana – known as Bruce to the fans -- features an impressive arsenal of ninja stars and samurai swords, and boasts more shiny martial arts trophies than the Cobra Kai. The exterior paintwork comprises yellow and black stripes with accompanying dragon motif, as an homage to Bruce Lee’s iconic jumpsuit in ‘Game of Death’,” Ice Break said in a statement. 

“The Sci-fi XB Coupe -- or Hal to its Ewok friends -- comes replete with the obligatory flux capacitor in the boot, some rather large toxic gas canisters, and a console bursting with X-wing style weapon switches.

The Kubrick-esque white leather interior is neatly complemented by the gun metal exterior paint job and glowing Kit-style grill.” A competition offers the chance to win either of the cars, or the two that contested the guitar vs drums question at