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Camaro ZL1 power outputs confirmed: Ford Mustang-monstering grunt for HSV's most potent performance car ever

Power outputs confirmed for HSV’s most powerful model ever

HSV has confirmed the power outputs for its monster muscle car, with the Camaro ZL1’s V8 engine to produce a tarmac-tearing 477kW and 881Nm.

That is a staggering number, and enough to crown it HSV’s most powerful model ever. The Commodore-based W1, for example, squeezed 474kW out of its supercharged 6.2-litre V8, while the updated 2SS Camaro makes 339kW and 617Nm. The most powerful of Australia’s Ford Mustangs, the limited-run Bullitt, produces 345kW.

The ZL1’s grunt arrives via its 6.2L LT4 supercharged V8, which sends its power to the rear tyres via your choice of a 10-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual gearbox (complete with tricky rev-matching function).

“As a brand synonymous with higher performance, these numbers are sure to inspire GM, HSV and performance enthusiasts alike. It truly is an exceptional vehicle and all at HSV are excited that production has finally begun,” says HSV boss Tim Jackson.

The ZL1 - which begins life in left-hand drive before being converted to suit our roads - gets a limited-slip differential to help manage all that grunt, and the brand's "Magnetic Ride Control" adaptive dampers are standard fit, too.

HSV is promising some extra performance goodies, too, including launch control and what the brand calls lift-foot gear hold, which forces the 10-speed automatic to cling to a lower gear when cornering. But the one that will have surely have fans salivating is what Chev calls its Line-Lock feature, which essentially freezes the front wheels so the rear tyres can spin more easily. Another name for it, then, would be a burnout button.

Other performance kit includes big Brembo brakes front and rear, a bi-modal sports exhaust, Recaro seats and 20-inch forged alloys.

Aussie customers can expect to pay $159,990 for the ZL1 paired with a six-speed manual, while the automatic will set you back another $2200.

While HSV is yet to confirm sprint times for the ZL1, the company's American cousins provide some solid hints in that department. Chevrolet in the USA claims a zero to 60mph (96.5km/h) blast of 3.5 seconds, and a 400m run of 11.4 seconds at 204.3km/h.

Is the Camaro ZL1 the new king of muscle cars? Tell us in the comments below.