Put it down to good management, fortuitous timing or a combination of both, but in late 2015 Ford Australia brought a factory-built, right-hand drive (RHD) version of the blue oval’s Mustang muscle car to this market, and it took off.

From the ashes of the Aussie-built Falcon’s funeral pyre, the Mustang rose like a fiery phoenix (actually, that’s a Dodge) to grab some much-needed positive PR for the brand, and more than a few sales.

In its close to three years on offer here more than 20,000 examples of the sixth-generation pony car have found homes, with supply now meeting demand for an average monthly run-rate of around 500 units.

That’s a tasty piece of business when you consider the Mustang range covers a price spread from roughly $50k for the four-cylinder manual coupe, to just shy of $75k for the V8 auto convertible.

Which leads us to the other side of the age-old, blue-versus-red automotive equation. In late 2017, Holden saw the locally manufactured Commodore out the door on a high, with SS-V versions of the final VFII variant powered by the 6.2-litre all-alloy, LS3 V8, producing 304kW/570Nm, enabling it to sprint from 0-100km/h in 4.9 seconds.

Then, for performance enthusiasts… nothing. And HSV, which had built its business over close to three decades on tuning Holden's local rear-drive product, was seemingly left in a hole.

Enter HSV 2.0; developer of the SportsCat version of Holden’s Colorado dual cab ute, RHD examples of a  small planet on four wheels that is otherwise known as the Chevrolet Silverado pick-up truck, and now, a RHD version of the Mustang GT’s arch nemesis, the Chevrolet Camaro SS.

Because the swap to RHD is carried out locally (with GM’s blessing, co-operation and approval) the Camaro is a smaller-volume, higher-priced proposition than the Mustang. Specifically, 30 per cent dearer and 90 per cent rarer, because HSV is offering just 550 for sale in the coming year.

And we’ve got our hands on one of the first to exit the HSV bunker to see how many bangs it delivers for your muscle-car bucks.