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BMW X7 ute reimagined: What the bonkers Bavarian pick-up should have looked like

BMW took the internet by storm last week when it unveiled what might be the world's most luxurious ute; an X7-based pick-up built by the brand's design and engineering trainees.

That vehicle - built to celebrate the Motorrad Days event - was very much focused on on-road luxury (and the ability to haul a bike, of course), with its polished-teakwood loading area, leather-soaked interior and two-stage air suspension to help with loading the tray. 

But what if that vehicle was reimagined as an off-road weapon instead? Would that make it better? Or worse?

Wonder no more, as designer Rain Prisk has created exactly that.

For one, he's done away with the rear doors, but he's also jacked up the ride height and fitted a set of chunky off-road tyres.

The shiny alloys have been swapped out, too, replaced by mostly black numbers, while LED strip lighting has been added to the rear of the cabin, the taillights have been swapped for a horizontal layout, and there appears to be lashings of rose-gold framing around the exhaust tips and side steps.

There's no mention of engine in this reimagined fantasy version, so we can only presume it gets the engine from the X7 xDrive40i; a turbocharged six-cylinder good for 250kW and 450Nm.

Now it must be pointed out here that BMW isn't making the X7 ute they unveiled, let alone this one. But we can dare to dream, right? 

Which X7 ute version do you like best? Tell us in the comments below.