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2023 BMW iX electric car pricing adjusted, now with cheaper entry point

The BMW iX is selling relatively well for its positioning, better than the BMW X4 and X6.

BMW Australia has lowered the pricing for the entry-level variant of its iX electric car range, while simultaneously increasing pricing for the top spec model.

While all four variants of BMW iX have had pricing shifted by $5000, the iX xDrive40 and xDrive40 Sport have had pricing dropped by that amount, while the iX xDrive50 Sport and high-performance iX M60 are up by $5000.

This means the range now starts at $130,900 before on-road costs and tops out at $233,400.

The xDrive40 variants boast a 240kW/630Nm output as it is, but the xDrive50 has a much more potent 385kW/765Nm drivetrain, while the M60 has a huge 455kW/1100Nm.

“We have repositioned the BMW iX xDrive40 in our line-up and are delighted to offer both variants at a revised price point,” a BMW Australia spokesperson told CarsGuide.

Its entry point is now clear of the Audi e-Tron, with the Bavarian undercutting the $146,075 Audi by more than $10,000.

Both models, as well as the similarly-sized Jaguar I-Pace EV400, will have been affected by changed to the LCT which increased the taxable threshold for low-emission and electric cars - hybrids and EVs - which means premium electric cars have mostly benefited from price drops.

2023 BMW iX pricing before on-road costs

iX xDrive40$130,900 (-$5,000)
iX xDrive40 Sport$136,900 (-$5,000)
iX xDrive50 Sport$185,400 (+$5000)
iX M60$233,400 (+$5,000)