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What should I be aware of purchasing a used car?

I came across a 3-month-old 2016 Toyota Yaris Ascent auto with only 60 km and 9 months rego from a private seller. It was advertised for $15,000 without government charges. It is a brand new replacement car from an insurance claim according to the seller. It is owned, not a financing car. This is my first time purchasing a second hand car and would like to know if this is a safe buy, and if there is anything else that I should be aware of?

On the surface it seems a good deal, the price is about right for that model. You will need to pay a transfer fee of $38.30 and stamp duty of $630 to transfer the ownership into your name. Make sure the person selling it actually owns it by checking the ownership papers, and try to find out more about the insurance claim story. It would also be worth having the car checked by the motoring club in your state.