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Toyota Yaris: Is it suitable for off-road driving?

I'm in the market for a new/used car and was thinking of getting a Toyota Yaris but was wondering if it's suitable for the occasional dirt road adventure, in particular, the Oodnadatta Track via Marree. In reality 99 per cent of our driving is in the Adelaide Hills with a trip to Mount Gambier once a year. We are interested in down-sizing and fuel efficiency.

Driven very, very carefully, a Toyota Yaris would probably make it up the Oodnadatta Track, but it would be a very slow process and the car may never feel the same again. Even a proper off-road four-wheel-drive can suffer at the hands of outback roads like these, and the corrugations have to be experienced to be believed. That theory also presupposes that the track is in relatively good condition at the time and it hasn’t been raining in those parts.

Given that the vast bulk of your driving is, indeed, in Yaris territory I can see your point. Perhaps renting a four-wheel-drive for the Oodnadatta Track holiday would be the way to go.