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The software in my 2015 Ford Territory is not working.

Asked by Rosemarie

My 2015 Ford Territory has been having intermittent issues with the software failing and not working, meaning I cannot access any car systems such as phone connectivity, maps, climate control etc. This is particularly irritating in terms of the reversing camera not working. I've been told by Ford that this is not an unknown issue, and that it may cost $1600 to repair.

Should this be something covered under warranty in a five-year-old car? I purchased the vehicle second-hand in 2019. I don't consider a car should need a new computer system within five years of manufacture, especially since I've done all my scheduled services at the Ford dealer, as were all services before I bought it.

Answered by CarsGuide

22 Aug 2020 David Morley

This generation of full-sized Fords was a bit notorious for body computer problems that have symptoms very much like the ones you’ve listed. Essentially, the body computer is responsible for all the communication between the car’s various systems, including air-conditioning, cruise-control, central locking and much, much more. If the computer fails, replacement is usually the only real fix. Sometimes you’ll need to have the ignition key re-coded to the new computer, as well. The price quoted sounds about par for the course form what I’ve heard.

I’m with you that a car that’s only five years old probably shouldn’t need new components like a body computer, but when your car was brand-new, it was covered only by a three-year factory warranty. Ford Australia extended its warranty to five years in 2018 (for cars sold after that date) but that’s of little use to you. Twisting the dealer’s arm probably won’t do much, but have you contacted Ford Australia’s customer service division and stated your case? It might be worth your while.

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