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Subaru Warranty

Do you think Subaru Australia would consider coming to the party like American Subaru and extend warranties in regards to what I believe to be a problem good enough for a recall? My Outback is only 8 years old, I bought it new, and it now is off the road needing to have the torque converter replaced. The quote from Subaru to replace is around the $6500, the part needing to be ordered from Japan. It used to do this kick back sound and the last time it did this I thought someone had thrown a rock at my car it was loud, and then the dash went berserk and the "At oil temp", engine and park lights came on and stayed on, the steering was next to go while I was on the highway. This is an extreme amount of money to spend on a vehicle that is only 8 years old. Any advice on how I can approach Subaru Australia?

The reality is that cars wear out, and yours is now a relatively old one. I don’t see that Subaru should replace the convertor free of charge; after all you have had the use of the convertor for eight years. The best course of action I believe would be to approach Subaru with a request of a good will payment to cover at least a part of the cost.