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Graham and Betty ASKED THE GUIDE

Ford Kuga 2013: Should the differential last longer than five years?

We purchased a Ford Kuga as a demonstration model in late 2013 and have had it serviced as per the logbook requirements ever since. Recently we noticed a clunking noise coming from the differential and took the car back to the dealer’s service centre. We have been told that the differential needs to be replaced, at our cost, approximately $4500. Although the car is "Out of Warranty", we believe that the differential should last longer than five years, based on previous experiences with previous cars. We are currently dealing with the Service Manager at the dealership, plus with Ford directly. Ford has offered us a 25% discount as "Good Will", which we have rejected, based on the Implied Warranty clause under ACCC. This has been going on for almost four weeks, with our car still sitting in the car park at the dealer. Can anyone offer any thoughts or advice?

You’re correct that a diff should last longer than six years, but how long it should last is open to question. To its credit Ford has offered to pay a portion of the repair cost. They won’t pay the whole cost of the repair as you have had six years of use out of the diff, and it’s now worn as a result of that use. There is no hard and fast rule that applies to your situation. The offer from Ford is based on the amount of wear and the projected life of the diff. You’re best to negotiate with Ford and hold out for the best deal you can get.