First car for a son

WHAT would be the best choice of first car for my son, 18, who will have $3000 to spend. He wants a sedan with auto trans and has looked at VK Commodores, Nissan Skyline Executives and Ford Lasers. I prefer rear-wheel-drive, but he turns up his nose at my '87 XF Falcon, which is LPG only and cheap to run. I thought a Gemini, Escort, or Mazda 626 would be an ideal first car.

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
22 September 2005

WITH $3000, your son shouldn't be choosy. Cast a wider net and search for the best car you can find for the money. It's better to have a car in good condition, though it might not be a cool choice. That might sound boring, but he'll get better service out of a car in tiptop shape than one that might have a better image but is run down.