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Best fuel efficient city car for off road?

We're looking for a small/medium city car that can also do some offroad as well, mainly for camping getaways over the weekends. We will also use it for drives on the Great Ocean Road and the occasional drive to Adelaide or Sydney as well, so comfort is also a factor. We don't have any kids, are concerned about fuel efficiency and have a tight budget ($12,000), so I guess SUVs are not really an option. Also a factor is that we are only here for one year, so a car that is expensive to service is not necessarily a disadvantage for us. Models I have found so far are Suzuki SX4, an older Audi A3, Subaru Impreza, or Subaru Liberty. What do you think?

The Suzuki is the best bet, by far. Avoid the older Audi, it's likely to be too costly in terms of service and repairs, the Impreza is a good car, so too is the Liberty, but the best is the Suzuki.