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Richard Mortimer ASKED THE GUIDE

Should I stick to the recommended service intervals for SX4?

We purchased a new Suzuki SX4 in 2013 as a city car for my wife. It is a great car, absolutely reliable, easy to drive and comfortable. In just over two years it has done 10,000 km and my only gripe is Suzuki's 6-monthly capped price service intervals, which in our case has meant four services in 10,000 km. The dealer has only advised us that it is important to observe service intervals despite low km with vague references to warranty matters. We plan to keep the car for many years, what would you recommend for our long term service needs based on 5000-6000 km per year.


Servicing is very important to the health and longevity of any car, so I would tend to stick with the recommended service intervals, at least until the warranty runs out. After that I would go to annual servicing given that you'll only be doing 5000-6000 km per year.