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BYD Atto 3 vs Tesla Model 3

What's the difference?

BYD Atto 3
BYD Atto 3

$34,444 - $44,999

2023 price

Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3

$58,900 - $80,900

2024 price


2023 BYD Atto 3
2024 Tesla Model 3
Safety Rating

Engine Type

Fuel Type

Fuel Efficiency
0.0L/100km (combined)


  • Not an open-roader, despite long driving range
  • Feels suspiciously power hungry
  • Not all the interior designs land well

  • Looks a bit dull
  • Steering too light
  • Still feels cheap inside
2023 BYD Atto 3 Summary

When I first saw a 'Build Your Dreams' car I wasn't sure I was looking at the model name or the car brand. I remember watching it pass me in the city and craning my neck to make sure I did, in fact, read the name correctly.

Having your car brand called 'Build Your Dreams' was always going to be a hard one to live up to, however, BYD has managed to defy a lot of expectations with the Atto 3 Extended Range.

Especially by giving it a longer driving range (hurrah) and competitive price tag. Both of which are important factors, especially given it's well-known rivals, the MG ZS EV Long Range and Nissan Leaf e+.

So what makes it stand out? I've been driving it for the last week with my family of three to find out.

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2024 Tesla Model 3 Summary

It is highly unusual to drive around in a bed, but that’s what it felt like we were being asked to do with the new and terribly exciting Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Tesla doesn’t do media launches, nor traditional marketing, so everything about this event was predictably peculiar, but when we were told this new car was causing so much excitement that we should pull a sheet over it every time we stopped, to avoid people photographing it, or touching it (“if someone tries, just politely ask them to stop” as we were advised) we hit peak weirdness.

Eventually, they did agree to pull the sheet off one and let us have a look at the most exciting car Tesla has ever made that’s not a Cybertruck

The Performance is the Model 3 Tesla engineers and designers always wanted to make. Clearly, it was going to be called the 'Ludicrous', because some staff kept stuffing up and calling it that. It’s a shame the name wasn’t used, but at least it still gets an 'Insane' mode.

They really wanted to go all out with the original Performance version, but “a guy called Elon” didn’t want to add all the complexity that required at the time - he was focused on quality issues and ramping up production - but this go around he has let them have their heads, and encouraged them to go hog wild.

That means an entirely new power unit at the rear, staggered 20-inch wheels for sportier turn-in, aerodynamic changes for more downforce and less lift, new seats and the fitting of active dampers to a Model 3 for the first time, to help provide proper, track-ready handling.

We set out into the embrace of the adoring Los Angeles public (truly, no city on Earth boasts so many Tesla owners, they are everywhere) to find out if all the fuss is worth it.

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2023 BYD Atto 3 2024 Tesla Model 3

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