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Nissan Leaf 2018 review

Since 2010, the Nissan Leaf has been wafting down the world's (mostly urban) roads under electric power. The company has sold 300,000 of them, making Nissan the global electric vehicle sales leader.Read more


Nissan Leaf 2013 vs Datsun 240Z 1971

Can the Nissan Leaf compete with the legendary Datsun 240Z in a drag race?Read more


Nissan Leaf 2012 review

Nissan Leaf is the world’s first purpose-designed, mass-production electric car. Australia has become one of the first countries to receive what is potentially the cleanest car of them all. Value With a not inconsiderable recommended retail price...Read more

Nissan Leaf 2012 review: snapshot

Of all the electric cars I have driven, the Nissan Leaf is the most complete. It looks like a regular compact hatch, its performance is quite spritely, and it rides and handles with none of the compromises of other electric cars. It is virtually silent,...Read more

Nissan Leaf EV 2012 review

Road rage will be a thing of the past when electric cars rule.Read more

Nissan Leaf 2012 review: road test

Imagine being able to travel through time. To jump forward to the future and see what sort of cars we will all be driving in the years to come. That's exactly what we did this week when we travelled from Homebush to Penrith in Sydney's west...Read more

Nissan Leaf 2011 Review

The battery-powered Leaf is a real car, not just a science experiment, and surprisingly nice to drive. We don't know yet about the price, which could easily jump beyond $60,000, and you have to ask serious questions about electric cars in a land of...Read more

Nissan Leaf 2012 review: pre-production test drive

ONE day Nissan’s powerful Nurburgring-blitzkrieging GT-R might be an electric vehicle. At least that is the hope of Nissan chief operating officer Toshiyuki Shiga. “EV is fun to drive,” the company’s number two says, pointing out...Read more

Nissan Leaf hatch 2012 review

Meet George Jetson’s new car. It may not fly, but the Nissan Leaf runs entirely on electricity, can automatically charge itself without having to plug in and will send its owner a text message when it’s fully charged. The 95 per cent...Read more
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2017 Hatchback - Discontinued Jan 2017
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$33,660 – 40,040
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Nissan Leaf News

Second generation Nissan Leaf revealed

6 September 2017 by Peter Anderson

Nissan electric car turns over new Leaf

25 November 2013 by Chris Riley

Nissan Leaf slashed to $39,990 drive-away

3 May 2013 by Joshua Dowling

New car sales price Nissan Leaf

1 May 2013 by Neil Dowling

Electric car resale values low

3 May 2012 by Mark Hinchliffe

Nissan signs Origin Energy deal for Leaf

27 March 2012 by Neil Dowling