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Emily Agar

Emily Agar

Family Reviewer

Emily discovered her interest in cars early through her mum’s passion, and quickly found herself researching the cool cars her mum’s S15 Nissan 200SX passed on the highway. 

Emily's readiness to engage and have a chat wound up opening her first door in the media, spending time as a freelance events and news photographer for her local paper while undertaking a Creative Writing degree at the University of Wollongong.

After graduating, Emily helped to build the family real estate business. Not satisfied with the high-octane environment of sales, Emily signed a book deal for her YA fantasy novel and has successfully published the first novel in the series. 

Always one to be busy (sometimes to her chagrin), she wrote the novel and then completed the edits while pregnant with her cheeky five-year-old boy. As if growing a little human wasn’t exhausting enough! 

But her natural curiosity of ‘what’s that car?!’ and 'why don't they do it this way?!' continued throughout and it didn’t come as a surprise to her family when she was drawn into the automotive world professionally as a Family Reviewer with CarsGuide.

Aside from her passion for what makes a good family car, Emily has a soft spot for Nissan Skylines, big utes and any muscle cars that make the heart thump. 

The Volkswagen Polo Life hasn’t had much of a design change since the last version but it’s popular for a reason. The pinched lines running the length of the body and the compact but sharp nose hints that this isn’t your typical Nanna errand car, either, but it’s still a safe play compared to some...Read more
The Mazda CX-30 is one of seven SUVs available in the Mazda range and at first glance, they all look like Mazda has either cropped or stretched a few but essentially ‘copied and pasted.' The CX-30 is based on the Mazda3 and slides into place between that and the CX-5 in terms of size. All the SUVs...Read more
The Superb is the biggest car Skoda makes that isn't an SUV. Interestingly, like some other European models, it has an all-wheel drive drivetrain and if you want a bit more space, the Superb also comes in a wagon version. Is the Skoda Superb Sportline Liftback the family car we didn't know we...Read more
The Mitsubishi Triton has been an Aussie favourite for decades and the GSR is set to carry that tradition forward. The relatively narrow body makes it a friend in car parks but it still looks ruggedly capable and being a dual cab auto four-wheel drive means it will probably land on most wish lists...Read more
The Hyundai Tucson had a revamp just over a year ago, and gone are the frumpy curves of its predecessor. This design showcases some serious style cred, giving the market an SUV that’s exciting to look at while hinting at being family friendly with its size. Even without the N-Line option pack...Read more
The Renault Captur is a stylish looking entry to Renault's smallest SUV range. It’s a cute little package that could appeal to those who love the hatchback experience but need an SUV. Its size makes it well-suited to city living but has it compromised on some comforts to be this compact? The Intens...Read more
The Forester has been a reliable staple of the SUV market for approximately 25 years and this version is no different. Sure, it’s had a facelift but the soul of the car is the same as it was. A safe family vehicle with enough mod cons to satisfy most buyers. Hybrid vehicles are the new frontier,...Read more
The CX-5 is Mazda’s medium SUV range. It's practical and sporty, and like its bigger brother, the CX-9, sports sleek lines and a shark-like nose that hints at its commanding driving performance. The GT SP Turbo is an all-wheel drive but you can get two-wheel drive versions of the lower grades. It...Read more
In a market where there aren't many small wagons left, the Golf Wagon Life is a welcome addition. It’s the mid-level entry to Volkswagen’s smallest wagon range and has the sporty vibes of its hatch sibling. It offers a compact alternative to larger wagons like Skoda's Octavia and the Mazda6 , while...Read more
The Land Rover Defender is a beast of an SUV that proudly shows its roots while daring to venture into new territory with its shape. The 110 X P400 certainly doesn’t shy away from turning heads. I drove the Defender for over a week with my family of three. The model we drove was the 110 X P400,...Read more
The top-of-the-line model for Mazda's largest SUV is a stunning entry and showcases serious style in a market where SUVs can lean towards boxy and rugged. For those wanting the practicality and space of an SUV but something that feels elegant, this might just be the ticket. I drove the CX-9 for a...Read more
The Hyundai Palisade means business when it comes to size, and that sense of size is carried throughout the car in its design and features. It's a people mover disguised as an SUV. I drove the Palisade for over a week with my family of three to see how it shapes up to our daily needs. We drove the...Read more
The Kia Seltos S is a smart looking small SUV with a compact exterior that houses a surprisingly spacious cabin for the class. It’s an affordable entry for a small SUV but does a sharp price make it a good family option? I drove it for a week with my family of three to find out. The model we drove...Read more
The Trend is the mid-level entry to Ford’s largest SUV range. The model I drove was a 4WD and was fitted with the 'Tow Pack' and 'Premium Pack', which includes an electric folding third row seat as well as a full-size spare wheel and tow ball. You can pick up this model for $62,390, before on-road-...Read more
The current Juke is a bold upgrade for Nissan’s smallest SUV. The Juke’s new lines are sharper and more confidently drawn than its predecessor. Coupled with upgraded features, there’s a whole lot of car for such a compact design. I drove the Juke for over a week with my family of three. The model...Read more