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Brendan Batty

Brendan Batty

Contributing Journalist

Determined never to work a conventional job in his life, Brendan is one of Australia's most experienced journos dedicated to caravanning and camping in Australia. The owner and editor of ROAM magazine and the camper trailer website,, he has written a guide book for travelling Australia by caravan, worked for just about every 4WD or camping magazine in the land and can't decide whether he likes his tent, swag or vintage Viscount the best (but it’s probably not the swag).  
Having travelled extensively through Australia in all manner of vehicles and accommodations, he’s tested campers and caravans from just about every manufacturer of note (and then some), done his own lap of Australia, won't let his kids watch TV in the car and spent just about everything he has on decking out his 4WD.

There’s an interesting dichotomy in the world of caravanning and...Read more

A plastic trailer might not seem like the most obvious solution to a problem, but for the last decade, Stockman has been doing just that to make off-road trailers lighter. Weighing as little as 200kg for the simplest model, the Pod Trailers are made in Australia from recycled plastic on galvanised-...Read more
When Cub Campers first released the Frontier in 2018, its first forward-fold camper trailer, it was almost in a league of its own. The only other camper trailer with a vaguely similar concept was the Ultimate Camper, but Ultimate barely innovated in 20 years, and so there’s little surprise the...Read more

It looks like we're going to be stuck on our island continent for a...Read more

The Weekender is one of the smallest rear-fold camper trailers on the market, on purpose. In almost a whole industry, which is focussed on being bigger, badder and more off-road-suited, the Cub Weekender is not. Instead, Cub specifically designed it for solo or couple travellers who just want to...Read more
As the market for caravanning and camping has grown, so too has the opportunity for more niche products to evolve. Where the market, just five years ago, was dominated by the choice between hard-floor or soft-floor campers, today, imagination is the only limiting factor in trailer design or...Read more
Track, the company behind the Tvan, has always been ahead of the trends. Its Tvan, now 21 years old, combined a ‘space-age’ tear-drop concept with a suspension system developed for the military that was worlds ahead of the primitive independent suspension systems of its time. In 2008 it was one of...Read more

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Hybrid campers are no longer a new development in caravanning and camping. We've been seeing trailers like them, in some form or another, for nearly two decades. The concept is straightforward: hybrid campers offer some of the best comforts of a caravan (solid walls, proper beds, little to no set-...Read more
Hybrid campers tread the line between caravan comfort and camper trailer-manoeuvrability and are touted as somewhat of a new thing; almost an evolution of comfort as more people look for a perfect camping experience. But camper-trailers like the Cub Longreach LE prove that the concept has been...Read more

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