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Nedahl Stelio

Family reviewer

Nedahl has been a journalist for two decades, spending five years as editor of Cleo magazine and has been an editor at Cosmopolitan, Good Food and the Fairfax ‘Health’ section. She’s written across various topics for a range of high-profile food, health, travel and fashion-focused titles. She’s also appeared on The Today Show, Sunrise, A Current Affair, various radio programs and has been a guest judge on Australia’s Next Top Model.

Since having two children, you’ll more likely find her at the beach with the family than at a fashion show, doing a bunch of yoga classes, or cooking healthy food while drinking a glass of wine. And of course, the right family car is critical to keeping it all moving smoothly. A roomy cabin, plenty of boot space and stylish interiors rate high on her priority list. She also believes pink is the new black (except when it comes to cars) and that we should ditch single-use plastics.

People movers are not just vans anymore. These days they’re less box-on-...Read more
What are your priorities when looking for a family sized SUV? Is it boot space? How powerful the engine is? Comfort and style? Or all of those things? We took two cars on the market and compared both, section by section, to help make your decision a little clearer. Yes, it’s the battle of the large...Read more
If you’re after a luxury SUV but don’t want to go do a full European, don’t discount a Lexus. The Lexus RX is a solid car with a number of models in the range costing from around $72K, to over $110K. I test drove the RX 350 F Sport which costs $93,970, before on-road costs and extras, so it is...Read more
If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? That's no doubt what the execs at Mazda think about the CX-5, which hasn't changed shape in quite a few years, and is still one of the most popular cars on the road. It's a mid-size SUV that competes with cars like the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 . I test...Read more
I was supposed to go on a road trip this week with the Isuzu D-Max, but lockdown happened and we got stuck in Sydney. Strangely, I still have use for the ute because I have a perfume business and needed to transport lots of boxes this week, so it still came in handy! This is the D-Max X-Terrain...Read more
I love how the new RAV4 has slipped seamlessly onto the roads and the last RAV4 is but a distant, very poor memory. The new RAV-4 is everywhere, and it looks good. I test drove the GXL hybrid which is in the middle of the range and costs $42,915, before on-road costs for the AWD version - which I...Read more
The Hyundai Tucson has been a reliable player in the mid-size SUV market for years. With this revamp, they've overhauled the design, styling and engines, but have neglected to include a hybrid or electric car in the lineup. I test drove the Hyundai Tucson 2.0 which is the base model and costs $34,...Read more
It’s been a while, but here we have the brand new Toyota Kluger! It’s received the full RAV4 treatment, so it looks like a bigger RAV4, and even comes in hybrid variants which is rare for a seven-seat SUV in this price bracket. The Kluger competes with Mazda's CX-9 and the Kia Sorento , neither of...Read more
Introducing another new small SUV from the folks at Kia, the Niro. The big point of difference is that this one is a petrol-electric hybrid (there’s a pure electric motor version in the range, too). The Niro is bigger than a Kia Seltos, but smaller than a Kia Sportage. I test drove the Kia Niro...Read more
If you’re after a small car, these days you have to think about whether you’ll buy a small SUV or a regular city hatch. This is Kia’s latest contribution, the Stonic. It’s a small SUV, which is not really bigger than a regular small car, just higher. Which is significant when you’re on the road...Read more
We were going camping for the weekend and needed a car that would fit a tent, a marquee, inflatables, a giant Esky and loads more food bags. Would a mid-size SUV cut it? The Nissan X-Trail did. This one’s also an all-wheel drive which isn't the case as often as you might think in the mid-size...Read more
Yes, Mazda has introduced a mild-hybrid car to its line-up in the form of a small SUV. The Mazda MX-30 G20E looks cute and is a hybrid, but is it hybrid enough? The company does say they are bringing out an electric version of the MX-30 soon, so we’ll look forward to that. In the meantime, I test...Read more
Looking for a large SUV that will take you off-road? You’ve come to the right page. The Nissan Patrol is exactly that. Very large, and very much an off-roader. With seven seats and a large boot, it functions better than most large SUVs for bigger families, but how does it fare in the city and...Read more
If you’re in the market for a mid-size SUV, why not look past the usual throng of players and check out the Peugeot 3008? It competes with cars like the Skoda Karoq, Volkswagen Tiguan and Subaru Forester, but it has that French panache which gives an interesting point of difference. This one is the...Read more
Only other parents will understand the concept of time in the loo counting...Read more
There are some cars that are just seriously convenient. Add a sprinkle of fun and you have the Volkswagen T-Cross. It’s a small to mid-size SUV , competing with cars like the Kia Seltos and Honda HR-V . Think of this size car as the family version of a small car , so instead of a VW Polo or Mazda3...Read more
It’s hard to go past a big green van, isn’t it? It just looks like so much fun! The Volkswagen Multivan is exactly that. It’s a seven-seat people mover and looks like it’s just begging to be driven up the coast with some boards on the roof. I’m test driving the Comfortline Premium which is the base...Read more
This is a first. An all electric SUV for Audi! The e-tron. This is the Sportback 50 quattro model, which is the base Sportback. It also comes in a regular SUV shape, but I think this one looks pretty snazzy. And I mean, if you’re going to drive an all-new electric Audi , why not make it fire engine...Read more
Is it a wagon? Is it an SUV? No! It’s neither! It’s both! It’s a Subaru Outback and this is the new 2021 model. Half wagon, half SUV, how does it work with a real life family? To put it to the test, I drove the base model Outback which costs $39,990, before on road costs, and competes with cars...Read more