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Articles by Nedahl Stelio

Nedahl Stelio

Nedahl Stelio

Family reviewer

Nedahl has been a journalist for two decades, spending five years as editor of Cleo magazine and has been an editor at Cosmopolitan, Good Food and the Fairfax ‘Health’ section. She’s written across various topics for a range of high-profile food, health, travel and fashion-focused titles. She’s also appeared on The Today Show, Sunrise, A Current Affair, various radio programs and has been a guest judge on Australia’s Next Top Model.

Since having two children, you’ll more likely find her at the beach with the family than at a fashion show, doing a bunch of yoga classes, or cooking healthy food while drinking a glass of wine. And of course, the right family car is critical to keeping it all moving smoothly. A roomy cabin, plenty of boot space and stylish interiors rate high on her priority list. She also believes pink is the new black (except when it comes to cars) and that we should ditch single-use plastics.

Everyone has a soft spot for MG , the cool British car company who made that uber-cool MG B convertible , remember them? Of course you do. Only now, MGs are not made in Europe anymore. The company's been bought out by one of the world's largest car manufacturers in China, SAIC. I have such fond...Read more
The Skoda Kodiaq is a mid-sized seven-seat SUV that competes with the likes of the Nissan X-Trail , Honda CR-V , Peugeot 5008 and the upcoming seven-seat Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace . I was in the Kodiaq Sportline, which is the top of the range petrol version. Coming from the same company as Audi...Read more
Everywhere you look there’s another luxury car company launching an SUV, because that is what we are wanting to buy these days. It’s hard to go wrong with these cars - it’s like your favourite cake suddenly turning into an icecream (if you’ve ever tried Gelato Messina’s Apple Pie you’ll know what I...Read more
For a small SUV, the Audi Q2 TFSI Quattro holds its own. It’s not your typical Audi in that it’s not a super luxurious sedan, nor a large super practical SUV, and competitors in this class are fierce - it’s up against the BMW X1 and the Mini Countryman. But Audi has used a few unique tricks to...Read more

We Are Kindred's Lizzie Renkert shows us around the Lower North Shore...Read more

It's been a while in between Commodores, for me anyway. So long that I didn't even register this car was a Commodore! It's rather glamorous for a Holden, don't you think? My neighbours thought so too. In fact I got lots of comments this week, I think everyone has a soft spot for the family car we...Read more
Truth be known, I’m not a huge wagon fan. But I keep getting these wagons to review and really liking them! Once you get past the height factor (which I am well past, because the amount of SUVs on the road astounds me, especially the huge ones - where is everyone going in their giant car? Down two...Read more
The Mitsubishi Outlander ES is a five seater SUV, but masquerades as a seven seater when the going gets tight. It gives you an extra two seats in the back when you really need them. You might have to cart other people's kids' around (always a joy), or the grandparents (though I wouldn't make them...Read more
I don’t want anyone to think I go around slamming car doors regularly, but it’s a nice feeling knowing you can slam a door and it doesn’t feel like it’s about to fall off. The Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium is a solid car. There’s nothing tinny about it. So I can go around slamming car doors all I...Read more
Getting into a Polo is like visiting an old friend. You know they’re good value, fairly reliable, look great and you like the way they do things. But it’s been years since you’ve seen your old friend, and in those years you’ve... well, you’ve changed. You’ve had a baby. Maybe two. Possibly three...Read more
Before SUVs there were sedans. Remember those? The cars everyone drove while we were growing up before the onslaught of the SUV in recent years. The Toyota Camry is one of those sedans that brings back memories, but has had a very new, quite terrific update. I barely recognised it. This week it was...Read more
This week I was teaching my six-year-old to ride her bike without training wheels, a tough job that needed a family car. I was testing the Holden Equinox LS+ which is second from the bottom in Holden’s new Equinox line-up. If you’re in the market, you’ll also be looking at a Mazda CX-5 , Ford...Read more
There’s something about Jeeps, isn’t there? They carry the image of open-topped freedom and big wheels, bouncy rides through desert roads and endless summers. Jeep’s newer fleet still seems to carry these same memories. So, testing the Compass this week, which is Jeep 's not-quite-small, not-quite-...Read more
Getting into a BMW is kind of like putting on a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses. Instant. Cool. There's something seamless and understated about these cars that's almost a bit smug - and everyone wants one. The new X2 launch has been widely anticipated as it's their first foray into the small SUV...Read more

Here's the situation. Somehow, you've locked the kids in the car. You...Read more

Now that traditional luxury car manufacturers are entering the SUV market , it’s not hard to see why everyone is clamouring to get a look in. I mean, here we have a Maserati . That’s an SUV. Together in one! Does this combination work or is it just a waste of a good engine? I drove the Maserati...Read more
Having recently tested the Tesla Model X which is an SUV , I was interested to see how the Model S would stack up for a family. I'm a fan of electric cars purely because they're emission free , but am well aware of the shortcomings of such a young industry in Australia. I was in the 75D which is...Read more
As far as family cars go, hatchbacks aren’t really considered one of them. You might have a hatchback while pregnant with your first baby, but things quickly escalate and before you know it, you’re signing papers for a seven-seater Toyota Kluger . The question is, do you really need a bigger car?...Read more
You’re after an SUV that's big enough for your family, but you don’t want it too small, either. Boot space is important, but you don’t want to be driving around in something as big as a Kluger. Small SUVs don’t cut it though - there’s just not enough space for your growing family. Enter the SUVs...Read more