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Articles by Nedahl Stelio

Nedahl Stelio

Nedahl Stelio

Family reviewer

Nedahl has been a journalist for two decades, spending five years as editor of Cleo magazine and has been an editor at Cosmopolitan, Good Food and the Fairfax ‘Health’ section. She’s written across various topics for a range of high-profile food, health, travel and fashion-focused titles. She’s also appeared on The Today Show, Sunrise, A Current Affair, various radio programs and has been a guest judge on Australia’s Next Top Model.

Since having two children, you’ll more likely find her at the beach with the family than at a fashion show, doing a bunch of yoga classes, or cooking healthy food while drinking a glass of wine. And of course, the right family car is critical to keeping it all moving smoothly. A roomy cabin, plenty of boot space and stylish interiors rate high on her priority list. She also believes pink is the new black (except when it comes to cars) and that we should ditch single-use plastics.

After a small SUV? They’re a very handy size, the small SUV. It’ll fit a family of four - five at a stretch. You won’t have bucketloads of room but there’s more space than a hatch and it’s higher, too. This week I test drove the Kia Seltos , which is a new entrant to the market and a pretty good...Read more
It's a big car, solid looking. And it's a Jeep so you know it can handle big drives, towing a van or driving through the snow, right? The Jeep Grand Cherokee's reputation precedes it, but with no less than eight models in the Grand Cherokee range, priced from $47,500 for the base model all the way...Read more
There are few cars on the road in this category that look quite as good as the Mazda CX-5. Those curves! That shape! The angles! Which is lucky for Mazda, because it’s in quite a competitive category. The mid-size SUV is basically known as 'the family car for those that have two kids or less.' It’s...Read more
The Lexus RX fits neatly into that slot where you don't really want to pay much over $100,000 for a seven-seater, but you want something that's more luxurious than the Mazdas, Hyundais and Kias on offer. This Lexus RX 350L Sports Luxury competes with cars like the revamped Volkswagen Touareg and...Read more
Mazda has introduced a new SUV to its line-up, that sits in between the ubiquitous CX-5 and the smaller CX-3. It’s called the CX-30 and is for those who want a bit more room than the CX-3 (which to be honest I’ve never really considered big enough for a family), but don’t want to up-size completely...Read more
The mid-size SUV market has a number of good cars in it, so to enter, you need to be competitive in every area to get a look in. The new MG HS has a lot of bases covered and with a starting price of $30,990 for the base model ($34,790 for the top level Excite which I drove), and it’s also good...Read more
The Audi Q7 is a large seven-seater you’d be looking at if you have three to five children to ferry around after school and to weekend activities. Or maybe your family is smaller but you just like lots of space. Either way, the Q7 will easily fit your needs. It’s in competition with cars like the...Read more
If you're after a small car that happens to be a sedan instead of a hatchback, Mazda's 3 range is surely worth a look. It's not exactly a traditional family car because of its size, but it will still work especially if you've got older children (who are out of baby seats!) and it functions...Read more
The GLC range for Mercedes-Benz is pretty much the 'standard SUV' the company offers - if anything about Mercedes can be called standard. It's a modern looking take on a traditional SUV and competes with cars like the Audi Q5, the BMW X3 and the Volvo XC60. There are eight models in the GLC range...Read more
This is a fun family car, isn’t it! It’s a sedan, for one, which isn’t the usual shape you’d pick for a family car. And it’s bright blue. Well, this one is, and it was certainly catching eyes on the street this week. But is it functional for a family? That’s what I’m here to report. The BMW 218i...Read more
This large seven-seat SUV is built for bigger things than the road. With a roomy interior and prices starting at $41,990 drive-away, it’s encroaching on the established off-roader market in Australia. The Haval hails from China where it’s the biggest SUV company and the H9 is the flagship. It...Read more
The Mazda CX-8 is a large seven-seat SUV, but it’s not quite as big as the Mazda CX-9. The smaller size means it feels a bit more usable and also a bit more accessible for smaller families. Because you don’t have to have a huge family to want a huge car (you might just want more boot space!), this...Read more
If you have a family you need a car with space, which can come in either an SUV or you can go for an old school wagon. Only wagons aren't so old school anymore. They've been updated and modernised and come out looking like this Volkswagen Passat . It's undeniably stylish and very functional, which...Read more
It’s exciting news that Subaru has released a hybrid version of its popular mid-size SUV, the Forester. With such a solid foundation, adding a hybrid option can only be a step forward, with the main benefits being fuel savings and lower carbon emissions. Not all hybrids are created equal however,...Read more
The BMW X5 is a large SUV that can come as a seven- or five-seater, depending on your needs. I do love a car you can customise - but so you should be able to at this price. I was in the X5 xDrive25d which is the entry-level model and costs $99,900, before on road costs and extras. This particular...Read more
If you want an SUV because you like height but you could do without the bulk, a small SUV could be the way to go. And if you’re looking at the luxury end of the market, the Volvo XC40 should be high on your look list. It’s in a competitive category with cars like the Audi Q3 , BMW X2 and Mercedes...Read more
This is one of the cars that would be on my shopping list if I was looking for a new family SUV that didn’t cost an astronomically large figure. The Honda CR-V is a mid-sized SUV that covers a lot of bases for a family, and this top-spec model is competitively priced when compared to other top...Read more
Are wagons the new SUVs? Not exactly. But looking at the Volvo V60 you’d be hard pressed not to be magnetically attracted to it. It’s just so well designed. Wagons are a good fit for families because they have the interior space of an SUV without the bulk, and to be honest, I lean towards them...Read more
SUVs don't necessarily mean huge off-roaders anymore. With the small SUV category including cars like the Mitsubishi ASX which starts at $24,990, it's now easier to swap your city hatch for a more roomy SUV, especially if you have a family. The ASX competes with cars like the Honda HR-V and the...Read more