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Audi A3
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The Audi A3 is available from $50,600 to $60,200 for the 2024 range of models in Sedan body types.

If you had to describe the A3 to someone who knew nothing about Audis you’d probably start by referring to it as being a lot like Volkswagen Golf, which, funnily enough, it is. Audi is part of the giant Volkswagen Group (along with VW itself, plus Porsche, Skoda, Seat, Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini) and when it came time for the more premium German passenger car maker to launch a hatch, back in 1996, they had a handy template to start with. To make the A3 seem more sporty than the Golf - seen very much as a 'commoner’s' car in Europe - they initially gave it only three doors, but later versions grew to a more practical five.

With trim levels ranging from the 35 Tfsi Mhev to the 40 Tfsi Quattro, the Audi is, of course, nicer and plusher, and generally a bit zippier, than a Golf, although the gap has narrowed in recent years as VWs have become classier. Cynical types would point out that you’re buying the same basic product, however, for a much higher price ($50,600-$60,200), mainly for the sake of that four-ringed badge cache.

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Audi A3 FAQs

Does the Audi A3 have Apple CarPlay & Android Auto?

All Audi A3 variants in the current Audi Australia line-up feature both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Audi A3 Apple CarPlay works wirelessly, while the Android Auto Audi A3 fitment still requires a cable to connect.

Some owners like to upgrade their car’s stereo and, in that case, the advice would be to go for a head unit that allowed wireless Android Auto as a worthwhile improvement.

The Audi system is not a simple retrofit to older Audi models thanks to the high degree of integration within the car’s controls and the system itself. That’s not to say it couldn’t be done, but it would probably not be cost effective compared with an aftermarket unit for an older car that still offered the desired functions.

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How do I find out the service history of my 2004 Audi A3?

If the vehicle was serviced though the Audi dealer network, there would be a paper trail you could follow by providing the vehicle’s VIN or perhaps even its registration details. If not, you’d need to know the workshop or service network that carried out the scheduled maintenance to try for a service history, but without a handbook, that could be difficult to ascertain. Contacting the previous owner (if that’s possible) is the best way forward.

But don’t ignore the obvious: Many workshops place a small sticker on the upper-inside corner of the windscreen to alert the owner of the next scheduled service, and this is a great clue in identifying who has worked on the car in the past. Check the glove-box for receipts and take a look under the bonnet for other clues, including dealer-network branding including oil-recommendation decals.

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Audi A3 and A4 2010: Are they reliable?

Volkswagen is very quick to point out that the earlier transmission woes with its DSG gearbox have been fixed. Certainly, the later versions seem to be better, but the jury is still out on whether the fix has been a complete one.

In any case, that’s no use to you as the cars made around 2010 are, indeed, the ones that were most affected by these troublesome transmissions. The smaller Audi models were the main offenders as some of those used the dry-clutch version of the DSG. The larger (and heavier) A4 tended to have the wet-clutch version of the same gearbox which wasn’t nearly as problematic. So that should be your golden rule here if you decide to take the plunge: Only buy a second-hand Audi with a wet-clutch DSG. Even then, we can’t guarantee that it will be all sweetness and light, but at least you’re a chance to side-step major problems. Audi actually recalled many of its models to deal with these gearbox issues at the time.

The other thing to be sure of is that any used Audi you buy has a complete service history with no gaps or late services. These cars use high-tech engines that absolutely require clean oil and filters at regular intervals. A neglected Audi is a very good chance to be a pain in the wallet down the track. Like many second-hand prestige cars, these Audis are often cheap for a reason.

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