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We’ve covered off the Isuzu D-Max 2021 range in detail, and it has impressed us so far with its hugely improved tech and safety offering, not to mention its step-up levels of comfort in the dual-cab, work-and-play range-topping models. But how does the work-focused entry-level SX model fare in...Read more
There’s plenty to be said for the new-generation Toyota HiLux, and while a lot of customers will be shopping for the top-of-the-range variants, there’s plenty of value to be found in the work-focused Workmate models. And that’s what we’re looking at here - a Workmate dual cab , which, while it may...Read more
The top three contenders in the local medium-sized (2.5 to 3.5 tonne GVM) commercial van class are the Toyota HiAce followed by the Hyundai iLoad and Ford’s Transit Custom. Although Toyota has traditionally enjoyed sales dominance of this popular LCV segment and continues to do so with its latest...Read more
In a van market bustling with multi-skilled variants from plenty of marques, Peugeot more than holds its own. Sure, the brand is beloved of many Europeans and Pomgolians (those who reside in the UK), but Peugeot sure has its own fan base here in the Antipodes as well. We tested a Peugeot Partner...Read more
Peugeot Australia offers variants across the small, medium and large commercial van segments. Its largest model, the manual-only Boxer 160 which in 2020 features improved safety and warranty, competes in the LD (light duty) 3501-8000kg GVM class. We recently put it to the test during a busy working...Read more
Mark Oastler road tests and reviews the new Toyota LC78 LandCruiser TroopCarrier GXL with specs, fuel consumption and verdict. Launched in 1985 as a spiritual successor to the legendary 40 Series, the mighty Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series has survived more than three decades for one compelling reason...Read more
There are currently 10 models competing for customers in the medium-sized 2.5-3.5 tonne GVM commercial van segment, which is dominated by Toyota’s HiAce with Hyundai’s iLoad and Ford’s Transit Custom in an increasingly close fight for second and third place. Fourth in this sales race is the Renault...Read more
Toyota’s latest generation HiAce mid-sized van is a comfortable, practical and competent load-hauler in both long wheelbase (LWB) and super-long wheelbase (SLWB) configurations. The SLWB is also available with windows all-round and a dozen seats, which Toyota calls the Commuter. This commercial-van...Read more
The current generation Renault Trafic has become an increasingly strong contender in Australia’s competitive mid-sized commercial van market since its debut in 2015. The late-2019 introduction of a more powerful 2.0 litre turbo-diesel and, more significantly, a dual-clutch automatic has broadened...Read more
Encouraged by booming local sales of the RAM 1500 through Ateco Automotive/American Special Vehicles, the Walkinshaw Automotive Group (WAG) has expanded its local RHD re-manufacturing capacity to include the similar-sized Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Unlike the RAM, the Silverado is sold exclusively...Read more
The Mazda BT-50 had a difficult birth as a Ford Ranger clone in 2011, largely because its elaborate styling didn't seem to know if it was meant to be a car or a truck. However, over the near-decade that has followed, Mazda has done a commendable job through styling tweaks in making the BT-50 look...Read more
Hardcore Aussie off-roaders love manual transmissions for their mechanical simplicity, ability to bump-start an engine with a flat battery and a more direct connection between man and machine when tackling the toughest terrain. In fact, according to VW Commercial Vehicles Australia, it was constant...Read more
The Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux have been in a topsy-turvy two-way battle for top-selling ute supremacy in Australia for some time. The Ranger is one of the few utes on the market that has consistently threatened – and at times broken – Toyota’s hold on the segment. However, when people think of...Read more
The RAM 1500 stands apart from Australia’s mainstream pack of turbo-diesel dual cab utes, with its muscular Hemi V8 performance, superior 4.5-tonne tow rating and imposing presence. In fact, RAM Trucks Australia proudly claims that its big, brash American pick-up “eats utes for breakfast.” After a...Read more
The Renault Master range has been refreshed, and this was our first chance to see what changes have been made. You should be able to tell just by the look of the 2020 Master that there’s a new design with a more modern looking front-end. And the inside has been thoroughly modernised, too. But with...Read more
The growing popularity of mid-sized commercial vans equipped with seating for five or six, generically known as crew vans, has seen an increasing number of rivals from mainstream manufacturers enter the market with a second row of seats. One of the more recent competitors is the Ford Transit Custom...Read more
There’s an old saying that if you want to become really good at something, then just keep doing it. That certainly applies to Ford and its iconic Transit van, which following its launch in 1965 has evolved through four generations, an expanded choice of variants and total production of around 10...Read more
The 4x4 dual-cab ute is the most popular and versatile light commercial vehicle in the Australian automotive market, due to its proven ability to serve as both a work truck and/or family hack during the week and escape machine on the weekend. However, not everyone needs high-riding off-road ability...Read more
You might have thought there weren’t many gaps left to be filled in the Ford Ranger 2020 line-up, but that’s not the case. Meet the latest plug between models - the new 2020 Ford Ranger FX4. It’s not the first time the brand has offered a Ranger FX4 model, but this time around there’s more choice...Read more
The Renault Kangoo is the closest competitor to Volkswagen’s top-selling Caddy in Australia’s small van segment (under-2.5 tonne GVM). In 2020 the enduringly popular German light commercial holds a commanding 72 per cent share of this market, compared to the Kangoo’s 21 per cent. However, such a...Read more