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The growing popularity of mid-sized commercial vans equipped with seating for five or six, generically known as crew vans, has seen an increasing number of rivals from mainstream manufacturers enter the market with a second row of seats. One of the more recent competitors is the Ford Transit Custom...Read more
There’s an old saying that if you want to become really good at something, then just keep doing it. That certainly applies to Ford and its iconic Transit van, which following its launch in 1965 has evolved through four generations, an expanded choice of variants and total production of around 10...Read more
The 4x4 dual-cab ute is the most popular and versatile light commercial vehicle in the Australian automotive market, due to its proven ability to serve as both a work truck and/or family hack during the week and escape machine on the weekend. However, not everyone needs high-riding off-road ability...Read more
You might have thought there weren’t many gaps left to be filled in the Ford Ranger 2020 line-up, but that’s not the case. Meet the latest plug between models - the new 2020 Ford Ranger FX4. It’s not the first time the brand has offered a Ranger FX4 model, but this time around there’s more choice...Read more
The Renault Kangoo is the closest competitor to Volkswagen’s top-selling Caddy in Australia’s small van segment (under-2.5 tonne GVM). In 2020 the enduringly popular German light commercial holds a commanding 72 per cent share of this market, compared to the Kangoo’s 21 per cent. However, such a...Read more
Size matters. No matter what you may have heard, bigger is better for a lot of people out there. And the LDV T60 Mega Tub 2020 model is on the plus-size side of large. This new model - based on the existing T60 Luxe dual cab variant - takes the existing T60 double cab and adds a bigger tub to the...Read more
Toyota’s current sixth-generation HiAce is an impressive all-rounder, offering a choice of wheelbases, body styles and engine/transmission combinations. These include four-cylinder turbo-diesel and V6 petrol engines with either six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmissions. We've previously...Read more
Toyota’s 70 Series Land Cruiser is unique in the Australian 4x4 market. With Mercedes-Benz’s decision to cease local sales of its $120K G-Professional in 2019, the LC79 is now the only single-cab cab-chassis off-roader available with the unmatched strength, durability and off-road performance of ‘...Read more
Ford is a making a habit of providing answers to questions that have not been asked. First there was the Baja-inspired Ranger Raptor, a unique version of Australia’s favourite Ford ute with pumped-out guards, a tougher frame and sublime long-travel suspension inspired by ‘pre-runner’ pick-ups used...Read more
Aussie drivers love their 4x4 dual cab utes and it seems they can’t get enough of the premium models. Demand for these top-shelf offerings, with pricing above $60,000, has been running hot over the past two to three years with no signs of cooling any time soon. Market leader Toyota’s flagship is...Read more
As the popularity of 4x4 dual cab utes continues to grow, so too does demand for premium models. And it’s not just family/recreational buyers driving this demand. Top-shelf utes are increasingly common on construction sites, where competition amongst tradies to win job tenders is often matched by a...Read more
The Ford Ranger Wildtrak has been a runaway success for the brand. Plenty of people have bought them, modified them, taken them off-road and put them to task in the PX generation of Ranger. Now, to see out the 2019 model range, Ford has added a new version above the standard Wildtrak. It’s the Ford...Read more
The current generation iLoad was launched in 2008. With only minor upgrades during its first decade on sale, it was recently given its first facelift with a new grille design plus new comfort and convenience features. These updates don't change the fact that the iLoad is now stretching beyond the...Read more
The LDV G10 arrived on the scene in the van segment a few years ago, with the aim of upsetting the equilibrium. It was a budget-priced, Chinese-made mid-size van with its target set squarely on appealing to customers who might have wanted a HiAce , but couldn’t afford one. After almost four-and-a-...Read more
The LD or Light Duty (3501-8000kg GVM) segment of Australia’s heavy commercial vehicle market is highly competitive with numerous brands fighting for market share. It’s a tough battleground, requiring manufacturers to offer a large number of variants to appeal to buyers with diverse job...Read more
Accepted wisdom in dual cab utes is that you need leaf-spring rear suspension to be taken seriously as a heavy load-hauler. The Nissan Navara and its Mercedes-Benz X Class derivative prove this age-old theory is correct, with their coil-spring rears displaying shortcomings under maximum payloads...Read more
The Holden Colorado range has seen the addition of a new variant - but it’s not exactly a brand-new badge. The new Colorado LSX is now a permanent member of the range, after having been introduced as a special edition model in 2018. It was previously limited to 1000 units, but it’s now a full-time...Read more
There’s a lot of fanfare around the high-grade Ford Ranger models, but for those who don’t need as many bells and whistles, models like this one - the XLS - make a helluva lot of sense. They mightn’t have as many trinkets or special bits, but they’re better when it comes to what utes are made for...Read more
The venerable HiAce is the firmly entrenched sales leader in Australia’s mid-sized (2.5-3.5 tonne GVM) commercial van market. That’s a remarkable achievement given the last new model was launched in 2004. So, given that 15 years have passed since then, the long wait for its replacement this year...Read more
The Ford Ranger Wildtrak has achieved icon status. It’s the ute people refer to as the one they want when you ask them… well, that or the Raptor. That station used to be the realm of the SR5 HiLux. But it’s more than just a kooky variant name - it’s the fact the Wildtrak is based on a benchmark ute...Read more