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18 September 2019

A blown V8 Mustang smoke machine, off-roading in a G63 AMG, drifing a Ferrari, and gassing with Mighty Car Mods; how I survived the shoot of Supercheap Auto's latest oils ad

By Iain KellyIain Kelly

I’m incredibly lucky to call the Mighty Car Mods homies my friends, and that is how I ended up locked in a Sydney shed building a $3500 Subaru into an ear drum-splitting, off-roading beast this past June.

Marty and Moog gave me a ring to help them find a suitable Subie they could use in the Supercheap “Oils Ad” for 2019 and I was only too keen to help. 

We built the jacked-up straight-piped Baja-themed Liberty in just three days, before it was sprayed satin black and kitted out with all the bits needed to pass for a car being driven by bad guys.

Marty and I then loaded it onto the MCM car trailer and I hauled it 12 hours up the east coast of Australia to the shoot location. 

What occurred over the next four days you’ll see in the ad, but it was awesome, nerve-wracking, hilarious, wet, muddy, hot and exhausting all in one… much like anytime I hang out with the MCM team.

Huge thanks must go to Reece from Supercheap Auto for having me along, plus Davros, Bish and the whole Taxi Productions crew.