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Daewoo Espero
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Daewoo Espero Pricing and Specs

1997 price from

The Daewoo Espero is available from $2,400 to $4,180 for the 1997 Sedan across a range of models.

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Year Price From Price To
1997 $2,400 $4,180
1996 $2,400 $4,180
1995 $2,300 $4,070

Daewoo Espero FAQs

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  • Electric shocker

    I HAVE no information to suggest a widespread problem with the Espero, though I can say Daewoo seems to have caught the British bug for building cars with dodgy electrics. They have a bad reputation for their electrical systems, which appear on the surface to be built to a budget and are thus unreliable. I would persist and return it to a Daewoo dealer until the problem is traced and fixed. Make sure they check all wiring loom connections. Daewoo connectors are deplorable -- make sure there are no breaks in wires and ensure the wiring isn't rubbing on a panel where you can't see it. I have seen cars where complete wiring harnesses have been replaced, only to find the problem was a damaged pin in a connector.

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  • Daewoo espero cutting out

    IT DOES sound like fuel vapourisation and there could be several causes, but I doubt dirty injectors would be one of them. I would expect dirty injectors to cause poor running at all times and not just when the mercury rises. You could try running on premium unleaded and see if that helps. You could also check the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel pump. And look for places where the fuel in the fuel lines could be subjected to heat that might cause it to vapourise on the way to the engine.

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