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Alfa Romeo GT 2004 review


But there's more to the GT than that. It has a potent 3.2-litre V6 driving the front wheels, stunning looks and plenty of luxury features to keep buyers forking out a cool 80 grand happy.

Naturally, the GT is right up there in the handling department and it has plenty of street appeal if the number of gawking onlookers is an indication.


  • Fabulous performance from strident-sounding 176kW/300Nm V6 lifted from the GTA twins – 147 and 156.
  • Engine is as good to look at as it sounds – worthy of at least an hour's rave at at barbie, then go and open the bonnet. Oooh, ahhh.
  • Surprisingly economical considering available performance. 0-100kmh in low sixes.
  • Drinks premium unleaded only.
  • Six speed manual transmission suits power and torque capturing everything the engine delivers. But tricky shift fourth to fifth.
  • Atrocious turning circle, just like the GTA twins. When will Alfa learn people drive these cars in shopping centre carparks as well as long and winding roads.
  • Handling is in top shelf, sticks like glue, steers like a racing kart, brakes like it has a parachute back there.
  • No torque steer to speak of and feels neutral when pushed really hard.
  • Ride is firm, jiggles on bumpy roads but not that hard as to rattle your brains.
  • Xenon headlights jiggle in tune with the suspen- sion on bumpy roads. Must be annoying for oncoming drivers.
  • Sexy looking 17in alloys look the part, comp- lement stunning shetmetal,particularly at the rear. Grrrowwwl.
  • Comfortable interior will take four adults in individual bucket seats. Access to the rear is tight but once there, it's luxury plus.
  • Driving position is good with multi-adjustable steering wheel and well bolstered seats that also have the right amount of adjustment and padding. Choice leather, sporty dash layout, impressive sound system.
  • Car appears to be well built with smooth paint and tight fit and finish. No rattles or squeaks, solid feel on the road.
  • Weighty at 1410kg – crammed with luxury and safety equipment.

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3.2 3.2L, PULP, 6 SP MAN $6,500 – 10,010 2004 Alfa Romeo GT 2004 3.2 Pricing and Specs
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